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Rain and writing

Do you prefer to write when it’s raining? What’s your ideal writing situation? Do the words come quickly when it’s…

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I’ve just read John Green’s stunning book The Fault in Our Stars and am now ensconced in Paper Towns. In…

Introducing talented teen illustrator Kodi Murray

Introducing talented teen illustrator Kodi Murray. You may have noticed his Sir Julius Vogel nominated art work on the cover of…

Picture book progress!

Picture book creation is a much longer and more complex process than I ever imagined. So much work goes into…

Papamoa Library is the best!

Last week I had the best time at the Papamoa library tween book group. What a great bunch of kids…

Byline 2015 – Tauranga Writers Anthology!

Late last year we celebrated the launch of Byline 2015, the inaugural collection of prose and poetry by Tauranga Writers….

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Jan Goldie

I started writing creatively when I was 10 years old and haven’t stopped since. True, many of the snippets I’ve written are hidden in a bottom drawer or long discarded. But others have started off as teeny, tiny ideas in the middle of the night and grown into enormous, fantastical worlds and full length novels.

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