Aftermath – stories of survival in a future NZ

Am so excited to have a story accepted into the SpecFic NZ anthology ‘Aftermath’. Such a great collection of fiction and my story ‘Maybe just the Stars’ is included. To steal the intro from the SpecFicNZ website:

The anthology explores Aotearoa in a post-apocalyptic world. Disasters have occurred around the country and the world. New Zealand, in our isolation down under, may have escaped most of what happened around the world, but it was pretty bad out there. As Kiwis are apt to do, though, we’re “getting over it”. You know, she’ll be right …

This is not just an anthology of disaster stories. The pages are filled with hope in the form of short stories, poems, flash fiction and artwork about what comes afterwards. The contributions are exclusively from SpecFicNZ members and reflect the diversity and breadth of this country we love to call home … even if the edges are a bit torn and tattered.

On top of all that, the wonderful people at SpecFic NZ have written up an interesting interview with every writer in the collection and you can find all those blogs on the website. See the link below. Here’s the first question to moi in my interview, or click on the link below to read more:

Aftermath includes a variety of disasters set all around Aotearoa New Zealand. What disaster / location combination did you write about and why?

I wrote about a super-sized earthquake that divides New Zealand (and the world) into ever-shifting slices of land. Still on the move, Auckland’s topography has morphed into chunks of what are recognisable suburbs separated by giant rifts in the earth. I chose Auckland and particularly Mt Eden as a starting point because I have a strong personal connection to Mangawhau and, having walked its slopes many times, could imagine it repurposed in the aftermath of a world-changing event.

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