Brave’s Journey book launch a great success!

Wow! What an amazing turnout to the Brave’s Journey book launch on Thursday night. We were expecting about 100 people and over 200 turned up! Just as well the books arrived on time and we had heaps of food.

Thanks to all the people that volunteered on the night. I couldn’t have made this happen without you! Ginormous thanks to my sister Sarah who helped me organise it! And thanks to friends who came from far and wide – Lee (the MC) who flew in from Wellington, Jean and Uwe plus Jan Black who came from Hamilton and the people I met who came from Matamata. I really appreciate it!

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Highlights for me were:

  • signing books for all the amazing, enthusiastic kids
  • talking to the children about their incredible artwork
  • meeting locals who’d turned up after reading about the launch in the newspaper
  • the asparagus rolls! (Thanks Wendy!)

While there were a gazillion things I enjoyed, one of the best was getting to interact with the children who’d created art for the art exhibition that we ran alongside the launch. Organised by the Incubator team, it was a great success!

The idea behind it was to involve kids so they could exhibit their arP1190899t in a non-competitive environment and have that opportunity to be a part of an event. Four private local art classes took part, creating art around the theme of the elements: earth, air, fire and water. The teachers read their classes the back cover blurb of Brave’s Journey and I gave them some notes about what the elements meant to meP1190898. The results were incredible! Plus, the children that I spoke to were able to tell me all about the creation process, why they included certain things and how it related to the theme. Bright kids!

I’ll write up a blog post about those elements at some stage soon and I’ll put together another one about how we organised the launch itself. One bite of the elephant at a time!

Well, if you didn’t get a chance to go to the book launch, you can find Brave’s Journey in selected Paper Plus stores (NZ). (Do ask your local store to contact me on if they don’t have it yet) or you can buy it direct from the publisher.

Elements for BJ Section Breaks v1b

For Amazon fans, we’re set up on all the sites including and You’ll also find Brave’s Journey on iBooks.

It’s been amazing receiving all the support on social media and by email. Thank you to everyone who has written and told me their story.

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