Byline 2015 – Tauranga Writers Anthology!

Late last year we celebrated the launch of Byline 2015, the inaugural collection of prose and poetry by Tauranga Writers. All members of the group were given the chance to submit writing. The collection was put together and edited by Jenny Argante and Chad Dick.

Byline%2023015%20Front%20CoverWhat a unique and interesting collection of writing!

From beautiful poetry full of impact and poignancy to quirky stories and life histories. Horror, dystopian, memoir… young adult, adult fiction, non-fiction… verse, short fiction and excerpts… There’s a huge range of great reading here.

I’ve now added Byline 2015 to my website banner of books.  The excerpt from my ‘work in progress’ called ‘When the Cows Come Home’ is one of the stories on offer. But I must confess to not having worked on the idea again. It’s a story for young adults set in a futuristic, apocalyptic Bay of Plenty. It follows a class of school children who have been stranded on Mt Maunganui because of a huge weather incident (tsunamis, storms and earthquakes). I really enjoyed writing the idea of a class trip gone wrong. Imagining Mauao peeking/peaking above a flooded, destroyed land inspired me. It’s an image that stays with me still.

Get published! To become a member of Tauranga Writers and submit prose or poetry to the next collection (deadline September 2016) visit for more details.

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