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Hats off to Blabla’s Secret society event held a wee while ago in Tauranga. A great night was had by all! Three interesting speakers!

Small special event space, great entertainment and wonderful burgers provided by Lex. Couldn’t go wrong really.

The evening started off with a book swap. Worked really well as an ice breaker! Must remember this idea. We were asked to bring a wrapped book to get entry, something we had enjoyed reading and wanted to hand on. The piled-high table of books, many creatively wrapped, was a lucky dip of glorious reading. I ended up picking a book my teen had been wanting to read for months, so I was popular.

Up first was Simon Pearce of The Cider Factorie for a ‘meet the maker’ and tasting. I’m not a cider drinker but I tried the less sweet varieties – nice! Simon spoke about he and his wife’s journey to award winning, globally appreciated beverages. Fascinating.

Next up Nikki Perry and Kirsty Roby, indie published authors and hilarious speakers, really enjoyed their honest, funny presentation. We all got a free copy of their book ‘How to Marry Harry‘ too, which I thought was a generous touch. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet but if you’re interested, buy it on Amazon for a song.

Lastly, a slam poetry presentation by new poet Anna Killick. Wonderful, raw poetry written and performed by Anna, who is obviously a brilliant writer as she is a two times award winner of the ‘Write your Own Christie’ competition run by Agatha Christine Ltd and HarperCollins. We bought her little zine collection. Great stuff! Read about her recent win in the Bay of Plenty Times article.

The whole evening was wrapped up within a couple of hours, including a couple of wines, wonderful food and the opportunity to catch up with a couple of good friends. Loved the ‘literature’ focus and relaxed small venue atmosphere!

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