Helga says “Give yourself permission to suck…”

From 7 May we’re going on a writing binge. A NanoWriMo wannabe called WTF draft (write the first draft), it’s organised by my local writing club.

We write as many words as we can, every day, over one month.

We apply bum glue (as Bryce Courtenay was fond of saying) and get those words on our screen, whether they’re gorgeous creations or … not so much.

Well that’s the idea anyway. But as anyone with kids or work or a life in general knows, it’s easier said than done.

Neil Gaiman quoteSo how am I going to make myself write fiction every day? And what if it sucks? And how can I write fiction at the end of a long day of writing non-fiction for work. #violins #nanowrimoans

If I want those jelly beans I’ll simply have to do it. No excuses.

As Ralph Keyes said: “Serious writers write, inspired or not. Over time they discover that routine is a better friend than inspiration.” (Screenwriting U)

Routine is a boring name for a friend. I think I’m going to rename her. She shall be Helga. That’s a much better, kick a** name for a woman with a tough job on her hands.

Helga says write, or else!

Yep, that’s motivating.writing quote

Helga says, what are your goals soldier!

It’s a good question, if a little bit bossy.

If I can write 200 words a day I’ll be happy. If I can write 500 words a day I’ll be ecstatic. If I can write more than that I’ll be very surprised.

But what if it sucks? It’s one of those questions that crops up whether you’re an experienced writer or a noob. Put your doubt into time out. Basically, you’ve got to frame it this way: It’s a first draft. Give yourself permission to suck. All the magic happens in the rewriting.

Helga says give yourself permission to suck!

Last big question. What to write? Luckily there are a couple of excellent submission deadlines looming that will fit in with the WTF Draft project:

At the Edge – a Lee Murray and Dan Rabarts initiative with Paper Road Press. Looking for stories from the edge of civilisation, the edge of reason… Submissions open until end of July 2015

Or maybe something like this? Epic Worlds Free Fantasy Writing Contest 

Breeze – a Tauranga Writers anthology asking for submissions in June (see www.taurangawriters.org.nz for more details)

Whatever you decide, if you want to join WTF draft officially and get to mouth off on our Facebook group page, you need to be a Tauranga Writers member. This costs NZ$30 full membership for a year or a teeny tiny $10 for postal membership. Go to the website for details or like the Facebook page.

7 May is today… better get writing!

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