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Here’s a selection of reviews from children who have read Brave’s Journey. Plus, there’s some fantastic writing advice too!

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Braves Journey was a great book, but I think that Riley and Honour should have a bigger part… I like how you don’t know what to expect so you really want to read on. I found the characters’ names interesting and creative. I couldn’t put it down even when I was told to.
(Zoe, 11)


I like the story because Brave didnt know anything about Arvalonia. It was an awesome book and I never knew what to expect on each page, which I think is great because it kept it exciting. I could not put it down because I was so intrigued with the fantastic and frantic story.
(Tim, 10)


I have just finished Brave’s Journey and it was fantastic! I loved the plot line and adored the fact that Brave and True were just friends. Nothing more. It is really rare to find a story with main characters who don’t share a romantic relationship. I enjoyed the dynamics between the characters although I do wish that Riley had played a slightly bigger part. All in all, I feel that this was an amazing story and I look forward to reading any and all of her future works. (Emily, 12)


As an 11 old boy, I personally LOVED Brave’s journey.
You did a very good job of the back cover, although I believe it would have been more effective if you kept the book a bit more mysterious. I also think that you could have kept readers like me predicting what would happen, and who was on who’s side, eg. one of Brave’s family members could have betrayed him. Or True’s family could have been secretly destroying some of master Cardinals schools in the South. Overall it was a great book, if you were making this a series I’m sure I would read all the books, if you did continue the series I would recommend something like a betrayal from someone, or Riley could somehow connect to the web and hunt for revenge. I believe what caused me to like this book so much is the elemental powers. I loved learning about the walkers. I hope you keep writing books similar to Brave’s journey. (Samuel, 11)



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