Look who’s in M2 WOMAN magazine!

So excited to be quoted in M2 WOMAN magazine May/June 2015.
M2 Woman magazine 2015_NEW

And thrilled one of my comments has been highlighted in a quirky speech bubble. “Appreciate the moment – right now, right this second… breathe it in!”  So true, so difficult to do.

Thanks to Thich Nhat Hanh for the essence of that little gem. Can’t take the credit for Vietnamese Zen Buddhist wisdom!

On the whole, the questions were thought provoking and I had to switch on the brain to nail down what I really thought about these issues. Although the make up question was an easy one!

Only bit missed out was my answer about gender stereotypes. I had an eloquent bleat about the Bechdel Test, but of course none of that got into print. Ah well!

Oh and btw, welcome to the new website!

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