Ms Information

Ms Information is a brand new doco about microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles. You may remember her from high profile Covid 19 TV announcements alongside Jacinda Adern and co.

The film is still being finished off and with a successful Booster campaign done and dusted and incredibly successful, I’m looking forward to seeing the full feature.

So here’s the promo for Ms Information:

Pink-haired, polarising and pissing people off.

A feature documentary by Gwen Isaac. Produced by Phillida Perry and Alex Reed.

In March 2020 Gwen found herself in the house of non-conforming microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles. Seeing a pandemic about to hit her adopted country, Siouxsie stepped into the public eye and spoke out to keep New Zealanders science-informed.

Ms. Information is the resulting documentary feature! The team followed Siouxsie’s story over two unrelenting years of public service. The film reveals a small nation under pressure, confronted by a new type of leadership that excites, incites and polarizes. 

Read all the details around the background, team and origin story here.

My daughter and I went along to one of the fascinating fund raiser events and enjoyed hearing Gwen Isaac talking to producer Phillida Perry and Alex Reed about their experiences making the film.

Gwen’s lengthy immersive process living alongside Siouxsie and her family while constantly filming sounded wonderful and terrifying. But the creative process over two years was even more interesting. We loved hearing about the way the creators thought the story would go one way, only to eventually realise the real tale lay with an entirely different point of view.

I also liked the a mention that documentary film making will always rely on its creators ‘sitting with uncertainty’, often not sure what the ending will be.

I could relate to this long, uncertain process as I find the same thing happens in writing fiction. Even as a planner. Especially when a series is involved.

Ms Information’s Booster campaign was a huge success with 153% of their goal raised and a successful stretch goal achieved. Well done!

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