My Christmas Wishlist: an eReader please

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Take a look at the blog pages of Tauranga’s most popular community newspaper, the Weekend Sun ( to read the Tauranga Writers regular blog: Write Space. 

This time around I’ve had fun researching eReaders:

eReaders are relatively new to the kiwi consciousness but will no doubt be big on the Christmas wishlist for many this year, especially with the kindle recently appearing at Dick Smith electronics store at a very reasonable price.

I loaded kindle for PC on to my computer to try it out and I’ve had quite a few problems accessing the books I’ve bought.  This is worrying since the kindle is my current eReader of choice on the old Xmas list. 

Friends have had a lot of success using the Kobo but I like the variety of eBook titles available on Amazon.

We’ll just have to see what Santa thinks!

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