At the Edge, edited by Lee Murray and Dan Rabarts

New books! Anthology magic!

New books! I’ve had the excitement lately of co-editeding an anthology of children’s writing and contributing an ‘off-world, futuristic, a*** kicking female main character with OCD’ story to another. Here’s the lowdown:

First up is Beyond the Stars…
Beyond the Stars, edited by Chad Dick and Jan Goldie

Beyond the Stars, edited by Chad Dick and Jan Goldie

An anthology of wonderful New Zealand Intermediate School writing edited by Chad Dick and moi. Beyond the Stars 2016 is the fourth anthology of intermediate school writing in the Beyond This series.

A wonderful collection of intriguing stories, it continues the sequence through which Tauranga Writers aims to encourage and support young writers throughout New Zealand.

For this collection we asked students to cast their imaginations above and beyond the ordinary – to other planets, to a futuristic Earth, to alien home-worlds and beyond the stars. We received over 350 submissions from more than 50 schools and all the students received individual feedback.

The awesome cover design is by 18 year old Kodi Murray, who I had the pleasure of meeting at Au Contraire 3 in Wellington earlier this year. His work was nominated for a Sir Julius Vogel award! Watch this space for more talent and a possible interview with Kodi in August.

At the Edge

Next up is the intriguing collection of short ‘out there’ stories from down under ‘At the Edge’. This is a really good read for those of you (adults) that love a little strange. There’s some fantastic writing here and I’m especially fond of Martin Living’s Boxing Day. Creepy and entirely possible, which of course makes it ever scarier. I’m still reading my way through my copy so I’m sure to have more to recommend soon.

At the Edge, edited by Lee Murray and Dan Rabarts

At the Edge, edited by Lee Murray and Dan Rabarts

As the blurb says…From the brink of civilisation, the fringe of reason, and the border of reality, come 23 stories infused with the bloody-minded spirit of the Antipodes, tales told by the children of warriors and whalers, convicts and miners: people unafraid to strike out for new territories and find meaning in the expanses at the edge of the world.

Compiled by award-winning editing team Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray, and including a story by Arthur C. Clarke finalist Phillip Mann and foreword by World Fantasy Award winner Angela Slatter, At the Edge is a dark and dystopic collection from some of Australia and New Zealand’s best speculative writers.

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