Norman Bilbrough to assess my book

Norman Bilbrough has been chosen by NZ Authors to assess my junior fiction novel. 

Here’s the book council’s round up of Norman’s many skills: NZ Book Council Norman Bilbrough in brief

Will be really interesting to hear his feedback but I have to wait until September to receive it.

My novel is called Brave and True.  It’s a 60,000 word fantasy adventure story for 9-12 year olds, about a boy named Brave and a girl called True.  Here’s the short trial version of my synopsis, or perhaps it’s a back cover blurb:

Brave and True

Ever wondered what an earth your Mum is talking about?  It’s like she’s from a totally different planet, right?

Brave’s Mum is always going on about Brussels sprouts, balance and connections to nature.  He’d be happy with a reliable connection to the internet. 

Besides, he’s got more important things to worry about like his arch enemy, mega-bully Riley.

But when Brave’s bad mood sets off a thunderstorm, his Mum’s hand shoots out green light and a mystery Uncle turns up with a strange warning, Brave knows something weird is going on.

Things turn freaky fast when a spooky, swirling vortex swallows his Mum whole and Brave takes an unexpected journey – to another world!

Brave arrives in Arvalonia just as the false queen Mallevia destroys the last magic school established to resist her.   In a world where power belongs to those who connect magically to the natural elements of the land, Mallevia is a threat to the balance of life.  And Brave is her next target…

With the help of True, Brave flees the false queen on a desperate quest to find his mum, a castle called Kingsfort and his own magical abilities.

Will Brave find help before the false queen finds him?

Can Brave learn to use Arvalonian magic?

Will True stop being an annoying pain in the butt?

Brave and True adventure across searing desert sands, down the muddy Sugarcane River and into their enemy’s territory.  They face a month without a bath, nipping stinkbuggies, Mallevia’s ruthless green guards and eventually, the false queen herself.

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