Rain and writing

Papamoa beach sunset – pink at night, shepherd’s delight…

Do you prefer to write when it’s raining? What’s your ideal writing situation? Do the words come quickly when it’s sunny/stormy/humid/windy outside? Or would you rather create outside?

Whatever the weather and despite your mood, sometimes you just gotta sit down and create. But before you glue your butt to the seat, some ideas if you’re struggling:

  • Give that inner critic a good talking to…

“If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, this is my time to write. Now off you go and don’t come back until I tell you to. Oh and I’m the boss of you! Yeah, you heard me.”

  • Dress up – there’s nothing like a bit of glamour to make you feel like power writing
  • Dance – a brief burst of furious dancing never hurt nobody yo
  • Caffeine – small amounts work wonders
  • Turn off or tune out social media – duh

Truth is, if you wait for the ideal time or place or weather to write, you’ll struggle to get started. So best work with what you’ve got. Get as many ducks in a row as you can… comfortable chair, quiet, a stretch of time, ideas? Then make magic.

Takeaway: work with what you’ve got

Writing task: Take any paragraph and rewrite it on a fine day, then on a rainy day. Observe how the weather impacts your writing, what you write, your mood… or perhaps it doesn’t have any impact at all?

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