Super scribe Deryn Pittar in new story collection

Sir Julius Vogel winner, young adult fantasy and romance writer, short story extraordinaire and flash fiction fanatic. Deryn Pittar is a writing force to be reckoned with.

Joining me in Aftermath: Tales of Survival in Aotearoa New Zealand (available on Amazon), she’s been interviewed on the SpecFicNZ blog. Here’s an excerpt:

Aftermath includes a variety of disasters set all around Aotearoa New Zealand. What disaster / location combination did you write about and why?

I used the concept from my prize winning story from Geysercon, (Hendrik’s Pet) where an off-world Quonk disappears down Pohutu Geyser into the subterranean tunnels of the thermal fields of Rotorua. ‘Thermal Images’ begins after the collapse of the thermal system which floods downtown Rotorua – and is the creature discovered a quonk or a taniwha?

How do you think the Kiwi approach to life after disaster is unique?

I’m not sure it is unique but I think our isolation as a country requires some lateral thinking on a daily basis.

What are your most valuable post-apocalyptic skills?

I can cook, clean, sew, garden, write and tell a good story. I’m a gun at standing to my feet and talking for a minute, so that could get me out of a lot of trouble – or into it.

You can read more fun answers on the SpecFicNZ blog here

But wait, there’s more. Latest achievement: Deryn recently gained second place in a N.Z wide short story contest for the Ngaio Marsh House fundraiser. Here is the link to the video where the three placed stories are read and two authors interviewed (Deryn included).

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