Surrender by Donna Malane (new kiwi crime fiction!)

Check out my book review /interview of Donna Malane talking about her new kiwi crime novel, online at the Bay of Plenty Times newspaper. 

Shout out to Martine for getting it up and running on the site!

Surrender is an excellent read.  Well paced, characters that grab you and set right here in New Zealand.  I particularly like Surrender’s main character Diane Rowe, a strong female lead in the kiwi crime prevention scene. 

Malane plans to write a sequel to Surrender next year. Can’t wait to read another installment.

Find more information about Donna Malane and Surrender.

Picture of Donna Malane kindly supplied by Tauranga Writers, presumably via NZ Society of Authors. Photo by Mark Mitchell. Donna Malane at home in June 2010.

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