The photos are in!

The photos are in! Have a browse through this small selection and let me know your pick for best author photo… I’d love to hear what you think. And if you admire his work, hop over to James Stanbridge’s Artist Facebook page and give him a like.

Cheeky, personality look?


Smiley writer look?


Colour or black and white?

If you didn’t catch the video and my blog from last week where my family and I had a blast on a photo shoot with professional photographer and artist James Stanbridge, take a look now.

jan-goldie-mclarens-1aug-3087       jan-goldie-mclarens-1aug-3023

Any favourites? Let me know your picks. And as an added bonus, here’s the family jump shot…


I’ll be choosing 3 or 4 to send to the publisher (IFWG Publishing) of ‘Brave’s Journey’, for promotional use. I’ll put other shots to good use when we send them out to the press closer to the time of the book launch event on 17 September at The Incubator.


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