Trigger warnings

I think the article below is super interesting. The list this writer created made me question my biases and look carefully at a character arc I’ve created that focuses on recovery from a traumatic experience, and PTSD in particular.

Does your writing have triggers, conscious or unconciously included, that might impact someone? (This was written in 2017. Do we still use the word ‘trigger’ in this way? IDK.)

Take a look: Trigger Warnings 101: a Beginner’s Guide

And be aware, the trigger warning for this article are as follows:

[TW: this entire article discusses multiple forms of trauma, including intergenerational trauma, sexual assault, and mental health.

Literally every kind of trauma category I could think of with brain fog at 8 pm on a Friday is at least casually mentioned. I may have missed a few.

Also note that this warning applies to any in-line link from this article.]

Thanks to: @untonuggan, who describes themselves as: intersectional feminist & disability rights advocate. (she/her or they/them). non-binary / queer / disabled / neurodivergent. writes words, which are hard.

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