What have I been writing?

It’s been a busy couple of months…

Story. Stories. Writing. Write. Short stories. Book series. Books.

Here’s the lowdown:

Book two of the Brave and True series is reaching a stage where I need to put it aside. One, because I’ve reached the point where I’m finessing things and the to do list is doing my head in and two, because there’s a lot of top level series questions that need to be answered before I can go forward. I will admit the final scenes aren’t sorted out either, but that will all come together eventually!

Sorting the arc of the series turns out to be super important, even this early on! Having that bone structure in place is essential because so much of what happens in the second or third book needs to lead somewhere. That somewhere will be big, important, exciting! So working out that basic over-arching series structure and where it eventually lands in the final book is crucial. Decision making that far ahead is tricky! It sounds so obvious but when you’ve been a ‘see how it all evolves’ type writer for so long, planning so far ahead is a learning curve.

Writing a high level synopsis of each book is a good way to begin. Sort of like working out your pitch to a publisher, but write it up separately for each one of the books in the series. Pretend you’re sending the manuscript to an editor for feedback. To do this, you’ll want to explain what the book is about in a snappy, enticing way. Keep each synopsis to max a page and try to make it super fascinating. Be prepared to update these summaries on the regular. Crafting these helps you make snap decisions and points out all the holes. So hard to do!

Write outside your series world. It may seem counter-productive to take a series vacation while you’re deep within this fantasy world but hopping on a side quest is actually a great idea. I’ve written two short stories for writing comps over the last few months and submitted them. It felt great to take a break from children’s writing for a minute in order to craft an adult, speculative fiction short story within a set framework and word count. A change is as good as a rest!

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